Monday, October 6, 2008

Wanna Be A Trojan Til the Day I Die...

We had a good weekend in Columbus. We left mid-afternoon Friday and were there in plenty of time for New Hope Homecoming Festivities. It was fun!! Not to mention that the Trojans were victorious over the Kosciusko Whippets....21-0!!!! Apparently, I entered a time warp and refered to myself as 'Audrey Reeves' this morning at work. Go Trojans!!
This was Tucker's first football game. He had a good time, but was ready to leave shortly after halftime.Lauren had such a good time, she somehow ended up in Nanny's closet????

Saturday morning we woke up before the crack of dawn and had a very successful yard sale. It was fun and we made some money and got rid of a lot of junk!!
Later in the day we went to Lake Lowndes to play and spot the fish...when we were getting ready to go to the park, Lauren asked where we were going...I told her "None of your business." (Remember, we had been up since before the crack of dawn...). Sunday she asked if we could go back to "The Business Park!" Too Cute!!
After the park, Lauren and Tucker helped Granddaddy wash Nanny's car.
It was a good weekend. I am still exhausted!!!

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Tripp, Natalie, and Emma said...

Looks like y'all had a filled weekend!! I love the pictures especially in Nanny's closet!