Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Man Himself

We went to see the jolly old elf today. We have prepped for weeks now, walking through the mall, waving at Santa, talking about going to see him. So, today was the day. We look at pictures from Christmases past, giggling about how big the kids got each year on Santa's lap. We got a really good chuckle out of Tucker's deer-in-the-headlights expression from last year's visit (mom had to be in that picture). No worries, though. He assured me that he was sitting on Santa's lap this year. He even had his order ready..."a jungle toy!," he would tell Santa, when asked what he wants for Christmas.
So, we get to the mall and take our place in line. It isn't too bad, but we have to wait for about 30 minutes to make our way to the front. Lauren and Tucker are excited and very well-behaved, considering. Slowly, we get closer and closer and are able to see the other kids taking their turn. Tucker even surprises me at one point by singing "you better watch out, you better not cry..." (I wasn't aware that he knew the lyrics). Finally, finally! it is our turn...
And Tucker freezes. Lauren bounds straight up to Santa's lap, no problems--she's very clear in her allegiance to the man in the red suit--but Tucker realizes that THIS? This is not what he signed up for. Fortunately, Santa offers for Tucker to sit on one of his reindeer for the picture. Tucker would not even accept the cookie coupon Santa was offering. He was not having any part of it.
So, I guess it is progress. There were no tears, and they got to ride on the train when they were finished. There's always next year!!

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Brock Family said...

LOL...I'm cracking up! So, I guess I have a few more years of Annie NOT wanting to sit on Santa's lap! She was all about it too, while we were in line...unfortunatly, our Santa picture includes a good portion of my leg, because that is where she had to sit! like you said...there's always next year! Oh...BTW...I'm loving the breast pump!!!!!!