Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the heck have we been doing?

("What the heck?" is Lauren's new line...its true: TV & movies do influence young children. Thanks, Madagascar!)

Sorry for the blogging absence. January is not my favorite month, and we haven't done too much to take pictures of. We have tried to stay outside as much as possible, but it has been COLD!! Thank goodness for the Hands-on Museum. We have spent a couple of Saturdays there burning off energy.
Also, Lauren in on the birthday party circuit. Her latest party took her to Superskate!! She had a good time, and didn't do too bad for her first time skating. And, NO, I did not get on skates myself. I really wanted to, though, when they played "Sweet Child O' Mine" (oh, yes they did). It totally took me back.
Here's the great way I rang in the new year...on New Year's Eve, I find a mysterious box in my mailbox, filled with...Kumquats!! My wonderful grandparents, knowing my obsession, had sent up a box from the coast--homegrown with love!! They were delicious! What a great surprise!
This past weekend, Lauren and Tucker painted model/toy dinosaurs. I think they did a wonderful job...and they had a wonderful time doing it! Tucker had to stop when he kept painting his own hand more than the dinosaur.
Can you guess whose is whose...?

Will try to take more pics this next month.

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