Monday, April 27, 2009

Que Chariots of Fire...

That's right, I now can officially claim that I am a runner (or, I'm GOING to claim that anyways)!! After several months of super, super intense training (HA!), I ran in my first race! I ran in the May.or's Cup 5K this weekend, and absolutely surprised myself!! What a great high! My goals were first, to finish, and secondly to run it in under 39 minutes (yes, slow. but still running). And I finished in roughly 35 1/2 minutes!! For all you non-runners out there, that's under a 12-minute mile! I wish I had an "action shot," but unfortunately, the paparazzi must have missed me this time.

And, a special shout out to my friend, Allison, who inspired me to run the race, and then ran off and won the whole thing!! She is superwoman!

1 comment:

allison said...

Ummm I wouldn't go that far, ha ha, YOU WERE AWESOME!!!!!! Can't wait to do another one :)