Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let the Right One In...

Tucker likes for you to tell him stories, particularly at bedtime. Since Andy is a great storyteller, I have largely relegated this duty to him. I have known for some time that the stories involved creatures such as werewolves, mummies, sea monsters, and vampires (“gampires” as Tucker says), but last night, found out just how detailed these stories have become (and a little backstory for those who don’t know Andy well….he has a lifelong obsession with monsters and obviously is tickled that Tucker is showing the same inclination).

So, last night, as I am taking over for Andy putting Tucker in the bed…

T: Tell me a story

Me: Okay, what’s it about? (This is our routine. He picks the characters, and I try to invent ways for him to befriend them…i.e….and then, Tucker gives the Sea Monster some Fruit Snacks! And they lived Happily! Ever! After!)

T: A Gampire….a Werewolf…a Witch…and a Sea Monster! And a Mummy!

Me: Okay, so Mommy and Tucker went to aaaaa…..

T: Castle!

Me: to a castle! And we opened the door, and there was a spooky Vampire!

T: And Father Deasey was there, and he sprinkled Holy Water on him!!

Me: laughing….

Really? My three year old knows the proper way to eradicate a vampire. Thanks Andy!

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