Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad Weekend

We started the weekend early as Tucker had a stomach bug and had to stay home from school on Thursday and Friday. Of course, yours truly comes down with it on Saturday and we all stayed cooped up in the house all. day. long. that day.

So, on Sunday, being the wonderful mother that I am, we set out to have a day full of outside adventures, sure to wring every bit of pent-up energy from Lauren and Tucker's bodies. And oh, the adventures we had!

Lauren fell at the park (from the rings) smack on her elbow. It hurt, and she wanted to go home, so we did. She immediately fell asleep (unusual) and woke up about 45 minutes later, screaming (VERY unusual). Upon consultation with my father-in-law/personal crisis physician, I took Lauren to the Emerg!-care for x-rays with Tucker in tow.

Approximately three hours and one cast later...we were on our way. Lauren had indeed fractured her ulna. We got to go to the TCBY, cause doctors like to give the prescription for an ice cream. And then it got worse....

Poor Lauren couldn't eat her ice cream. "That's not good for me." was her quote. Then..."I need to throw up." Yes, the stomach bug had bitten her. Injury? Insult. Fortunately, we made it at least to the bathroom, and although I had to do some cleanup...the patrons of the TCBY were spared.

Bless her heart!! I can't imagine a much worse situation to be in, especially for a six year old!! I spent the ride home thinking "ONE day, this will be funny"...yes, one day this will go down in the annals of family lore, brought up with The Time that Uncle Craig Vomited in Church on Christmas Eve, or The Time that Uncle Bob Puked in the Line at Morrison's (why yes, all of our family stories involve regurgitation...yours don't?) day we will look back and laugh... but not today.

(oh! And, not to leave anyone out...Andy came down with the bug in the middle of the night. So, thank you Mr. Virus, you have officially overstayed your welcome at our house. Please leave!)

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The Hookers said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm so sorry. Tell her that I'm thinking about her and hope she heels safely!