Sunday, September 6, 2009

Diet, Schmiet

Well, I don't know about you but I have personally eaten my way through the weekend, and it is not even over yet!! Friday started with a "dip party" at work, which was basically and excuse to eat 3 meals during the (work)day with plenty of snacking in between. Yesterday was no was the first day of college football, after all. We celebrated with pizza, buffalo chicken dip, and, ahem, trail mix. Which, at our house consists of peanuts, candy corn, and m & ms. Whew!

But, no worries, I was able to man up and continue my rigorous Labor Day feeding schedule into today which included lunch at Buffalo Wildwings (grilled wrap at least) and a barbeque supper from Full Moon. And more trail mix.

I will have to detox tomorrow!!

Lauren and Tucker have had a fun day today. Nanny and Granddaddy came over and spent the day, and then they got to play with cousin Taylor at Pa's house tonight. It was really fun to watch them play...they were really getting along well today.

What have you had good to eat this weekend?

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