Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something to Say September

I have decided to endeavor to blog every day during the month of September. Let's see how much I can find to talk about!

Fortunately, I have something to share today! We are getting closer and closer to the day when Lauren will lose her first tooth. And, anyone who knows my child will know that she can be a little...skittish about certain things. I think she is willing her tooth to stay in place to avoid having the Tooth Fairy come in her room and root around under her pillow.

Then my dear friend Angie suggested that we get a cute bag to hang on her door, rather than the TF actually coming in her room. And that's where I got crafty...

I think it is cute! And Lauren seems super excited about it--she actually wiggled her tooth herself tonight!! Thanks, Angie, for a great idea!

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The Pacelli's said...

What a cute idea! You did a GREAT job!