Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a good Halloween weekend. Lots of treats, with only one trick...Tucker got a small tummy bug AFTER trick-or-treating (no, it was not candy-induced)...but all-in-all, a really fun weekend.

Lauren went as Super Why, a little-known PBS hero that has the power to READ! I have to give Lauren props. Not only does she choose a not-so-obvious, male character to dress up as, but she selected this in JULY and has stuck with it!! She was darling! And, true to form, announced BEFORE trick-or-treating on Saturday..."Next year, I'm going to be a vampire!!" (so, we'll see if she hangs on to that one!) Tucker had aspirations of being a policeman, but when he learned that our friend Sarah was going to be Snow White, he declared: "I'm going to be Prince Charming!" And, he was. (This morning on the way to school he told me that next year, he is going to be a zombie--talk about extremes!)
With Snow White...Thanks to the Dickeys for hosting a wonderfully fun Halloween Extravaganza...again!!
And with pumpkins we carved last week...

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