Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Morning Magic

Christmas morning was truly magical. The kids ended up in our bed, of course, and at 6:00 everyone but me was still asleep. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and asked Andy if he heard that big noise last night? At which point, Lauren perked up as if she had been awake for hours. "What noise?"

I asked her if she had seen any presents when she walked through to get to our room and she said, "No, Santa hadn't come yet." So, after the normal parental dallying (brushing teeth, taking a looooong time), I lined the kids up at the door...

And with that, they were off! Is there anything better than Christmas morning? The absolute, utter excitement of running to the couch to find a big pile of presents left by Santa? I love it because, for a while, everyone is interested not only in what they got, but what everyone got, and Hey! We can share!! It was bliss.

Lauren got her requested Leapster, doll that uses the bathroom, and footie pjs! She was so excited to see the cookie remnants and a note from Santa, thanking her for the snacks. The reindeer had also eaten the veggie that we left outside.

Tucker got a tool bench (per his request), lots of hot wheels, and several games that we have all had fun playing with since. After a few minutes of surveying his treasures, and completely unprovoked, Tucker exclaimed, "Thank you Santa Claus!"

He had to get to work quickly...

It was a wonderful day, one that we will write in our memory books!

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