Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beginning to Look a lot like Spring

Man, I tell you that I can handle the crappy, cold weather during the week as long as we have weather like this on the weekends!! The past two weekends have been so wonderful!! Yesterday was a little windy, but good enough to go to the park for a little while and later in the afternoon to play in the back yard and rake leaves. (what, you don't have leaves still in your yard?)

And as great as yesterday was, today was even BETTER! We had gone to church last night, so I started the day with a solo trip to the Wal Marts...which is heavenly enough. Then, after visiting Pa, Lauren and Tucker and I have played on the playground (okay, that was more them than me), walked a loop around the track at the park, gotten a TCBY vanilla cone, gotten Tucker a haircut, played again in the backyard, AND washed the car!! What a full day!! It is now 5:00 and both kids have been bathed. I am hoping to get another walk in myself in a minute, then it will be dinner followed shortly by bedtime for the kids!!

I know that snow is predicted for early this week, but...Woo hoo for the spring preview!!

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