Monday, February 15, 2010

Road Trip!! Part 1

Lauren, Tucker and I met up with Nanny to take a Mardi Gras Road Trip! The threat of snow couldn't slow us down. It was a great weekend.

Friday morning we got to play in the snowflakes at Nanny's house. The snow stopped and was melted by early afternoon.
And Saturday morning we were headed to the coast! We stopped at The Ole Country Bakery to get some goodies to take with us. Yum!!!
Central MS had more snow than Columbus did, and we got to see a virtual winter wonderland from about Macon through Hattiesburg. In Lauderdale, we stopped and posed with a leftover snowman. His eyes were made of...skoal cans, and I'm pretty sure that his head was topped with nacho cheese. Hey, we're in Mississippi. We have to improvise.

No picture from Hattiesburg, but we stopped to see Uncle Craig and got in a few rounds on the Wii. I will endeavor to have one of those in our house by the end of the year. It was fun.

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