Sunday, March 21, 2010

Man, 5:30 is going to come Early in the morning...

It has been a WONDERFUL spring break. Coupled with the time change, it was great sleeping in (seriously, til after 7:00 most every day). Lauren enjoyed some only-child time, Tucker came back mid-week, and we did lots of nothing and had a great time doing it. I pretty much ate my way through the week...but what are vacations for? I read some good books, watched some good movies. My house is a little cleaner, and my head is a little more decluttered. Hopefully ready to go back at it full-speed tomorrow!!
Tucker had a great time at Nanny & Granddaddy's house.
Cookie Party #2...
I really want chickens.


Go fly a kite! (this looks like some other child with dark hair, but its Lauren!)

This has been a really great week off & I have thoroughly enjoyed it. What a blessing to have this time to rejeuvenate!

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