Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

What do you do when its Spring Break, overcast and chilly, and you have a convalescing 6 year old to entertain? We shipped Tucker off to Columbus for a few days to hang with Nanny and Granddaddy and then we bought a puzzle. We opted for the 300 piece job, with the next step up being 550. Lauren hung in long enough to get all of the pieces flipped over...then she headed for the hills. Andy and I worked tirelessly, completing about 3/4ths last night, and then attacked it again this morning with fresh eyes.

Lauren became the Official Photographer of Puzzle Mania 2010.

And the finished product!

To quote Andy..."I have to admit, I really wasn't into this at first, but now I really am..."

(what he doesn't know yet is that we will get another one before the day is out!!)

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The Hookers said...

Very contemplative can see the wheels turning. THat looks like fun. I forget about puzzles and what a good challenge they can be.