Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best $260 I Spent All Day

First, the tree. We had a big pine tree in our backyard that has been dead since before we moved into this house. For one reason or another, we have put off getting it cut down (denial, stupidity, fear of wrecking our fence or deck, fear of cost, etc.), but the time had come. Each time a big wind would blow through, I would think to myself..."please don't blow down, please don't blow down).
This morning, two nice guys came and got rid of the problem for us. I had a slight panic attack as they removed part of my fence, but it all got put back together nicely. And then I saved us another $100 by moving it to the front by myself. Woo hoo!
Lauren, Tucker and I were at the Wal-Mart this afternoon, and I got the wiggly-sprinkler. Hey, my car thermostat said 90 degrees, so we had a few minutes of fun in the front yard.
Here's hoping the water will wear them out tonight!!

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