Saturday, May 8, 2010

Racing Day

(I owe you a blog post about my compost box. That one is coming up. In the meantime...)
Today, Mom, Bob and I ran in the Market Street Festival 5K in Columbus. (not to brag, but it is my second 5K in the last month. ahem.)

Before the race...
Me crossing the finish line. I did about 35:40. Bob came in around 28 minutes and Mom was about 35:47. Bob actually placed 3rd in his age group!
Post-race with our friend, Lauren Herbstrit (she ran it in around 33 minutes!)

After the race we kicked around the Festival for a few hours. They have fun stuff for the kids to play with and lots of really talented vendors and neat things to see. We also got some good 'fair food.' We are ending the day today roasting marshmallows on Nanny's back porch. The kids will sleep good tonight...

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