Monday, September 6, 2010

McWane Your Brain

We took a stroll up to B'ham today to visit the McWane Center. Lauren and Tucker had a blast. Who knows what's up with my picture quality?? I must have had my camera on some funky setting.

Doing the News (and a Bonus! Rare Andy Sighting on the Blog!!)

Most notably, we will mark this day down as The Day that Lauren Overcame Her Fear of Costumes!! I did not prep her that Mr. Potato Head would be there, and completely expected her to freak out when she saw him. But, as children are oft to do, she totally went the other way. She LOVED Mr. Potato Head. She couldn't get enough. She even got pissed when we left before he came back for his next showing!! She proclaimed that she is "ready to go to Disney World!" I guess we really have to start saving now!!

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