Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Days of Thanks: Tuesday, Nov. 9

Okay, I am getting this one out of the way so I won't forget tonight...
Today, I am thankful for two things:
1. My new coffee mug. It is exactly what I have been wanting. I found it at Hobby Lobby yesterday and it met all of my qualifications...super-cute, super-huge, and 66% off. Woo!
2. Combo: DVR. DVR is the best thing ever invented. Ever. And TBS. Because, yes, I fell asleep before Coco came on last night, and Andy was reallllly off of his game and hadn't set it up to tape. (Andy is usually very on top of those things. Its his calling) So I went to bed thinking I was going to get the last 30 minutes of Conan to watch today, but Lo! TBS = repeat programming. I'm covered.

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