Monday, October 24, 2011

One Month Down...

The first couple of months after a baby is born are the hardest. Emotions are flared, bathing is a gamble, and sleep is inconsistent at best. There are some super-high highs--that first grin is a definite winner--but for me there are some super-low lows as well. Very, very fortunately this time, the lows have been a lot fewer and further between. After some good and random cries during Merritt's first couple of weeks, I am on a very even keel. Our current motto is 'One Day at a Time,' and it is working for us. And we are celebrating because we are HALFWAY! through the first two months!! Here are some notable things from our first month:

-I have literally taken a shower every single day since Merritt was born. This is an accomplishment that I congratulate myself on every time I lather up my hair.
-We have gotten to every obligation that we have had in the last 3 weeks. Doctor's appointment, Lauren & Tucker school events, we even went to a musical yesterday!! I will survive having three kids!!
-Somehow, Merritt has gotten cuter over the past month. I know, its weird, but it is true. She is having more awake time and is super cute!! Lots of people comment that she looks like Tucker, and I agree to an extent...mostly when she is asleep. Once those peepers are open, she looks like herself.



-Merritt has gained the nickname: Merritt the Super Carrot. Just because they rhyme. And Tucker has run with it.
-I am hoping that Miss M is gaining weight. I am not concerned enough to go to the doctor to have her weighed. She has been a little reflux-y over the past few weeks, but (knock on wood) the past couple of days have been better. Whether it is her system ironing itself out, or me learning her cues and how to handle...anybody's guess. But it does seem to be getting better.
-Sleep is going well. The really, really great thing about breastfeeding is night feeding. No making bottles, no clean up. The last few nights I have noticed that I will get up with Merritt, feed her, and then an hour later I wake up still holding her (safely, I promise) on the couch. The point is: I AM SLEEPING. So, I am totally fine with it.
-Bonus points for me: Obligatory pumpkin patch picture taken.

Winning!! More to come.

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