Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day of November

And I have failed miserably at the 30 days of thanks challenge. Its not that I am unthankful--in fact I wanted to be poignant and all that, but I have not had the time to reflect on the deeper things that I am thankful for. Each time I wanted to write a blog post on something important and involved, other things came up. So, I am thankful for the things that keep coming up. Kids, friends, family, house, etc.

We started out the advent season last night with a First Penance service. Lauren is all squeaky clean. I am reminded to take a step back and be ready with forgiveness. Forgiveness for others and forgiveness for myself. I am hoping to take that forgiveness and peace into the holiday season. And speaking of holiday season, I am putting my Christmas cards in the mail today!! Are yours ready?

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