Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov, 17

Happy Birthday to Andy today!! Sorry for not having a cake made. Maybe I can scratch something together by this evening.
I am thankful today that Merritt stayed asleep during the entirety of Tucker's dermatologist visit, and let me quickly handle an administrative task at the office, AND let me scarf down a bowl of tomato soup and potato chips (yes in the soup)!!
We are talking MAJOR power nap, which was needed (by ME) b/c she hardly napped at all yesterday and was very spitty uppy and fussy. She spit a little this morning, but since she has slept soundly since, I am concluding that the tummy is not bothering her at the moment.
I absolutely hate that she is having tummy issues, I hate the unknown aspect of it, and I hate that what I eat is the cause. It is so frustrating, especially since milk is in nearly everything. I don't want to stop breastfeeding just because it is inconvenient for me to cut out dairy, but some days--like yesterday--make me want to throw in the towel. I just want her to not hurt. Am definitely waiting it out until her 2 month appointment next week. Hopefully I can have a conversation with the ped about the whole situation and come to a resolution (even if it is to stay the course).

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