Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Interrupt this Hiatus to Bring You a Blog Post

Sometimes, I wish my parents weren't as awesome as they are. I will never reach the bar that they have set. My particular set of parents are rock solid, unwavering, loving and dependable as they come. As a child, I may have wished that they were this way or that, but I never questioned them. Well, I questioned them plenty, but I never questioned them in the sense that they were the omnipresent guides in my life. What they said, they meant. I know some folks with some nutty parents, and mine were the picture of stability.

As an adult, and as a parent myself, I now have insight into what went on behind the scenes. My parents have feelings! Sometimes they were angry...get this...with each other! Maybe they didn't want to do the dishes either! They didn't have all the answers all of the time, and they questioned themselves. Knowing this only helps me to identify where my particular brand of neuroses came from (hint: both sides). I fear every day that I do not provide that level of consistency with my own children...the dishes win the battle in my house many days, and I won't even mention the laundry...but I can hope that my children feel my love for them all the same.

Sometimes, I wish my parents weren't as awesome as they are. Today is not that day. My parents graciously agreed to keep Tucker at our house while we took Lauren for some scheduled surgery in B'ham. We came home from the hospital today to not only a delicious pot of chicken and rice stoup (that's stew/soup) but a clean house and a raked yard. It has been heaven and has given me peace. I will stop before I get too sappy, but I love and appreciate my parents more than they can know. They are truly the best.

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