Monday, February 13, 2012

We Got To Install Microwave Ovens...

We've been living like pioneers for the last two weeks. Meals completely cooked in the oven or on the stove, left-overs reheated the same way. Nuggets forgone. Tea left cold. Popcorn pushed aside. Our microwave, indigenous to the house, started to show signs of age. We have been playing russian roulette with our appliances for a while now. Washer was fixed in the fall, Andy repaired a spring in the dishwasher door this month, our refrigerator ice box is kaput...etc. It was just a matter of time before something would need to be replaced. Fortunately, it was the most minor appliance, cost-wise. And installing a over-the-stove microwave is no easy feat! Fortunately (for us), my mom and dad popped over yesterday, so I took advantage of his handyman skillz.
The Inaugural Hot Dog

I seriously don't know what people did prior to having this handy invention. Heaven forbid we ever have to go two weeks without a dishwasher. That one would be worth the installation fee.

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