Monday, May 27, 2013


Tucker is seven today. How did that happen? My sweet baby has given up Toy Story for Skylanders. He's gotten tall, and he wants to karate chop me all the time. He finished first grade last week, but he can spell 'unnecessary' and he can multiply and divide.

Tucker is thoughtful and sensitive, although he won't admit it. He loves a good game of Clue. His favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. (*sob*, he doesn't even call them 'neatballs' anymore) He's got the most gorgeous set of freckles across his nose.

Because Tucker is so smart and generally easy-going, I have to really take care to carve out alone time with him. Being stuck in the middle of two sisters is no easy task! Tucker is the best brother, even when they are getting on his nerves.

I am the only one still allowed to call him T-Bone. Tucker Bug, T-Bone Sandwich, "The Bone," Taco. I love you, man. Forget dancing like no one is watching; always dance like you are turning four:

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