Monday, September 16, 2013

Alphabet Soup

I really want to write about this, but I am finding it hard to begin. Over the past year, Lauren has been diagnosed with ADHD, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD), and specific Learning Disorders in the areas of math and written expression. Last week we got a new (additional) diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). This feels like the most concrete diagnosis that we have received thus far. There are some tangible things that we can start doing (preferential seating in class, use of an FM transmitter) to help. And I am feeling vindicated, but saddened that it took us (me) so long to have this test done.

What I Have Learned Thus Far
-There is no clear path to diagnosing the myriad of learning problems that a child might have.
-No one will fight for your child except for you.
-Sometimes, there will be a person who will help you to see something you may be overlooking. For me, that came in the form of a substitute teacher. It can't be an easy call to make to a parent to say that you are seeing some problems that need to be addressed. Thank God for that person.
-Waiting rooms are really boring. So glad I have the company of an iPhone.
-General session parent meetings do not apply to me. (This is what I have to tell myself to keep from hyperventilating and busting out in tears during the discussion of what is expected in math class)
-Math is completely different now. No joke.

What I Will Do Now
-Write about it here. I should have been doing this all along. At the very least, it will help me keep our journey documented. Maybe it can help someone else who is starting theirs.
-Amend our IEP. Get the FM Transmitter added.
-Practice patience. Breathe.

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