Friday, November 1, 2013

November, And You Know What That Means

Where did October go?

Its the time of year to count our blessings. The time where we remember we should be doing it all year long, and promise that we will this time.

This has been a shitty week from start to finish. Gut-wrenching, fall-on-the-floor kind of shitty. Things that happen to Other People happened to us this week. Things that no one should have to go through have happened to my friend. And as such, have happened to me.

The kind of thing that makes you realize that you are a grown up and have to move through it. But you still feel like a child. Not wanting to be in this position, having to make these decisions. That is the conversation that was had this week.

The really beautiful and awful fact of life is that it goes on.

I have wonderful friends that I don't talk to or see nearly enough. I am so, so blessed to have found this group of women in college, and I am so happy that we are still friends and still have a connection even though we don't still live in the same house (or town). I look forward to the day where we are all old ladies and can sit around and drink visit for hours on end.

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