Friday, December 13, 2013

Eyeball. That's a Fun Word to Say.

No easy way to say it.

Last week, during what should have been a routine first visit to the eye doctor, it was determined that Lauren has swelling in her optic nerve (bilateral). This morning, we made it back to Children's for an MRI to help determine what is causing it. I am told it could be a number of things. I have avoided googling it until today. (FYI: don't google it.)

We likely won't hear any results from the MRI until early next week. Part of this is very surreal, like it isn't happening at all. Life is going on at warp speed (Christmas.). Another part of me is trying to picture how it will look like (where will I be? how will I react?) if we get the worst news. But I move on quickly. I can't allow myself to fully feel that terror now. I am hoping that I will not have to at all.

To fill the time, I am making sure that we are checking things off of the Christmas list. Sit on Santa's lap? Check. (complete with bonus for screaming baby) Christmas Parade? Check. Cards ordered? Check. Shopping complete? Almost check.

Moving forward one step at a time. As a wise man once said, "It ain't bad until it gets bad." (Also, another wise man said, "If it ain't bees, its ants." That could also apply in this situation. Just sayin.)

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