Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Stream of Conciousness

Merritt is so out of sorts. Could be the chocolate bunny she ate for breakfast.

I was woken this morning by Lauren shaking my mattress. She was the only one who didn't bunk in with me during the night. I tried to get her to snuggle in, but it was too late. Everyone started to stir and we went to check the baskets. Not too much candy, but everyone did get a chocolate bunny. Everyone was moderately pleased with their loot, although I think Lauren was disappointed that EB didn't bring her a trampoline. Oh well.

Mass was good. Didn't even bother with the sanctuary; went straight for the baby room where Mimi's friend Clare-Bear was with her family. Church was packed but went quickly. Behavior was good enough.

Came home and started making the deviled eggs, cause that is what you do on Easter morning. I make a killer deviled egg. We dyed the eggs yesterday. Mostly the kids wanted to play mad scientist, mixing all the colors. Lauren had to tell me one time "they are just eggs, Mom." I know, I know.

I have also assembled a hash brown casserole and am going to cook green beans with bacon (as opposed to my normal method of dumping them out of the can and nuking them for a minute).

Instagrammed a pic of the kids, the best one that I could get. This is the (first and) last time that I will get Lauren and Merritt in the same dress. Too cute. Merritt hated me for putting on her new shoes this morning. Hate to tell her she will be wearing them all summer! Spent too long admiring others kids and Easter baskets on Facebook. It is fun.

Lauren said on the way home from church, "This doesn't feel like Easter, cause we aren't at Nanny's house." You're telling me, kid.

The kids were playing out back this morning, where I discovered that Tucker and a friend have broken Merritt's Cozy Coupe. I was/am furious. I am mad that they broke the car, and I am mad that I have to be mad on Easter. Harumph.

Finally got Mimi down for a nap. She screamed the whole way down.

I hear spilling jelly beans in the other room. Damn Easter Bunny.

I am sad. I wish I had better things to say or a way to put it more eloquently, but there it is. I am sad that I am not at home with MY mom. I am sad that Andy worked last night and I had to go to church alone. Again. I am sad that I am a shitty housekeeper and my house is dirty instead of neat, organized, and decorated for the holiday. Holidays are hard, yo. Sometimes being a grownup really stinks. I am sad that I sound like such a whiner. Moving on.

We have a gorgeous day for Easter. I think that after we have our mid-afternoon meal, we will get out of the house and find something outside to do as a family. That will chase away the sad.

Posting without pictures. I will try to get some up later.

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