Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey Everybody, Go Read This Blog

When I heard this morning that Matt Walsh had ignorant, small-minded comments to make on the death of Robin Williams, my first thought was, "of course he did." Matt Walsh, and people's propensity to share his blog posts are one of the top reasons I have taken an official break from Facebook (more on that to come). So, I did what anyone would do: I googled "Matt Walsh is an Asshole" and found the link to this little gem of a blog "What is Matt Walsh wrong about today?"

And that made me smile. I find Matt Walsh very pious and divisive, and am glad to find a community of like-minded people. This post, discussing MW's ridiculous rant about Robin Williams and suicide, is spot-on. Go read it.

And I'm not going to link to MW's blog, because he turly is an asshat, but in reading it (and this is true of many of his posts that I read) I do note that there are shreds of truth to it...and therein lies the problem. Matt takes statements, truths, opinions, etc. that may make sense on the surface, but them he ties them up in one obscene package. So in reading it, people may be inclined to agree with certain aspects, or post links to the soundbites, but when you back up and look at the entirety of his is utter garbage.

Grab some humanity, Matt, and try to think that the world may be just a little bigger that what you can comprehend. Not everything is perfectly black and white. Stop polarizing people.

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