Sunday, September 14, 2014

But The Chili Will Be Delicious

Someone other than my mother told me this week that I should write a book. I mean, my mom tells me that all of the time, but I promptly file that away. That someone other than my mom said it was funny to me. I can't even write a blog, much less a book!

If I did write a book, I think I would call it "How Not To Do Things." (credit: Turkey Television. Who watched it?) (or was that from You Can't Do That On Television? I digress.)


Last week was the first PTA meeting of the year. I left feeling like I am completely doing homework wrong. I mean that to say, I let my kids do homework by themselves, flittering nearby, swooping in to help when necessary, making sure it gets done, but otherwise staying out of it. Asking them if they are SURE they don't have any social studies tonight, and believing them with a raised eyebrow when they moan "NOOOOOO" (and roll their eyes). Apparently, I am supposed to be reading the books in tandem with my students and be completely up-to-date on all of the anecdotes the teacher has dropped in class on the daily. I apparently don't have the same clearance level as these Stepford moms.

And the level of ass-kissing that they are was all I could do to not roll MY eyes while witnessing it. Gag me with a spoon.

I ended up boo-hooing on the phone afterwards to my mom. I don't know why things like that just take everything I have out of me. I'm weird.

Moving on. The weather this weekend has teased me with having an ever-so-slight crispness to the air. Not really chilly, but you can jus tell that sometime soon, the heat will be moving out. I have responded by constructing a crockpot full of chili and searching 'fall decorations' on Pinterest. We are also preparing for Mimi's birthday party next week.

Speaking of Mimi, who, by the way, is totally missing out on her blog glory. L & T got lots of air time back when I was really into and stories, etc. And Merritt is chock-full of good stories. Anyway, the other day she kept asking for a Banana Jar. It took me several attempts to figure out that she was wanting a Granola bar. What a hoot! Merritt is really such a character. She's funny beyond her years--the benefit of having older siblings. Also, Merritt has successfully accomplished potty-training, making her the earliest of all of my children. WE ARE DONE WITH DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lots going on this week: more parent conferences, a haircut, riding the kids about homework, etc. See you next time.

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