Sunday, November 9, 2014

Falling Behind

A story of gratitude:
It is difficult to make time for myself to do things that feed my soul. Painting is one of those outlets for me. This week, I have been allowing myself time to create a space and time to make art. It is healing. And independently and unprompted, on three separate occasions this week, each of my children has made a small comment that has reinforced why it is so important to find time to do things that I love to do. First, Lauren told me that I should sell my art. A few days later, Tucker told me that I should be an art teacher. And Merritt picked up a painting and carried it with her, because "I lub it." I feel that even in just the past week I have had more time and been more mindful throughout my day because I have devoted time to myself. And hearing them say those things reinforces the point that this is so worthwhile.
The End.

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