Monday, August 11, 2008

Into the Great Wide Open

Ah, the first day of Kindergarten. Lauren had a good morning (they had 1:00 dismissal today)

The big moment! Lauren was impressed upon arrival that other students' shirts matched hers!!
I am glad that the teachers let us parents back in the classroom. It was much easier to leave her rather than to have her walk off down the hall (very bravely, not looking back)!! I love this pic...all the excitement of the countdown is written all over her face!

And Lauren FINALLY got to solve the mystery of the "blue thing and yellow thing" on the is a 4-person bouncer. (She has been scoping out the playground for weeks before and after mass.)

As soon as she got in the car, she informed me that she HAD to get a backpack --peer pressure already, everyone else has one--so we have paid a visit to Target this afternoon already. Fortunately, I was able, convince her to go with the plain pink variety, rather than Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, or My Little Pony (her first request was, of course, Diego).

So, we have survived the First Day of School!

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Brock Family said...

How exciting!!! What a HUGE day for all of you!