Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Quick Stories

I know, I need to post more. I will venture to take some pics this weekend and get them up quickly.

Conversation with me and Lauren circa two days ago...
L: Can I get a lunchbox?
M: Yes, but it will have to be next month. You have to eat in the cafeteria this month.
L: In a few days?
M: No, a month is a long time. It will be a few weeks.
L: Well...Can I dream about my lunchbox tonight?
M: Yes, you may.

As we all know, this weekend is the kickoff of football season. (YAY!) This morning, when I dropped Tucker off at school, dutifully wearing his Alabama t-shirt, Ms. A said that he had been hilarious yesterday. Apparently he wanted to 'stomp like an elephant' down the hall, and while doing so, Ms. A asked Tucker, "What sound does an elephant make?" To which Tucker replied enthusiastically, "ROLL TIDE!"

His daddy will be so proud. His granddaddy...not so much.

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