Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Does Whatever A Spider Does

This morning, Lauren told me a fascinating story that went along the lines of "Daddy say that its okay to change your mind and get the Spiderman costume." (oh, he did, did he? reminder to self to have serious discussion with Andy about Halloween costumes)

After being reminded of this charming tale again after school, I struck a deal with Lauren: we can get the Spiderman costume to play in, but she will still be the previously agreed-upon character for Trick-or-Treating. (Yes, Halloween is more than a month away. As anyone who knows me on a daily basis will attest, I usually wait much longer than this to commit to a costume, for fear of This Very Thing. I went out on a limb this year)
Below is what took place when I told Lauren, "Do something Spider-y."

Also, I have to note, Lauren insisted on getting Spiderman. "The Boy One," says Lauren.


The Hookers said...

Daniel and I are both laughing out loud. This is hilarious!

Brock Family said...

too funny! I think Annie would want the "boy" one too!