Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Monsters in your Neighborhood

We have had a fun-filled morning today. We have carved pumpkins and baked halloween-y cookies and did our 'trial run' with our costumes for Friday. I am also attempting to roast our pumpkin seeds. Lauren and Tucker are ready for Trick-or-Treating!!
"I'm a witch!!" says Tucker.
The end result...the witch was designed by Tucker, the robot by Lauren. Handcarved by Mom.
Ah, the joys of home baked cookies....ahem...

Are they ready, yet????

And, sorry, but you will have to wait on the costume pics. The official photos will be released after the official tricks have been treated. Stay tuned...

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Brock Family said...

The pumpkins look cute! Can't wait to see pictures from Halloween!