Sunday, November 2, 2008

In which I post about our Weekend...

Ah, what a good weekend it has been. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to attach a video of Lauren singing Indigo Girls at my mom's house--complete with giggling Tucker jumping on the bed in the background. The weekend, of course started out with Tricks-or-Treats.

The cutest Dorothy and Scarecrow (Scary-crow, per Tucker) there was...
And with Tinkerbell, aka Sarah

Saturday morning we took in the Homecoming Parade, again with Sarah...I *thought* that maybe Lauren was working through her fear of Big Al. But, not so much. She spent the majority of the parade behind me begging to go home while Tucker shouted "Roll Tide" to all the Homecoming Queens.

Cute and (becoming) caffenated...

No pics from the rest of the weekend. Tucker got a much needed haircut on Saturday, and we have mostly survived the time change/longest day of the year. We left after church and headed to Columbus so Lauren and Tucker could be entertained by Nanny and Granddaddy. A pretty good plan if I do say so myself. Although, Lauren has somehow gotten old enough to avoid falling asleep in the car (although she needed and wanted to).

A bonus pic of Tucker...for a couple of weeks he insisted that he was dressing as a Bat for Halloween (despite the Scary-crow plan). Fortunately, Old Navy put their costumes on sale early. He got to be a bat for his school party. What a dude.

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