Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

Its been a good run, Pippi.

For the first time in two plus years, Tucker has gone to bed (night time) with out his trusted Pippi.

Yesterday...little did he know that it was the last night of the "Pip."


With little fanfare or complaint, Tucker is sleeping without his pippi. He asked several times "Where'd Pippi go?" and I'd say, "Pippi's gone." "Where'd you put it?" he'd ask...I am avoiding that one. I have saved the pippis, just in case of emergency. Hopefully, we won't need them. Frankly, I think it was harder on me than it was on him. Tucker is really growing up & is not a baby anymore

But! It was time. When the child is old enough to...

-remind me on a daily basis that "I am big boy, strong!"

-tell me "put my Pippi up"

-not only recognize the colors of the pippis, but to have a preference, and request a particular color

-tell me "you need to clean this Pippi" (and that was accurate)

...then I think it is high time to break the habit. We will save hard core potty training for Christmas break (maybe)!!

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