Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion Plate

Here's an outfit that I pieced together for Lauren. I'm kinda proud of myself for assembling it, and kinda shocked that she actually agreed to wear it.
We found the cute, lightweight floral cords at the thrift store.
And the cute, mustard top came from Target.

And lucky for us, purple ballet flats are so in this season!! Cute!

In other news, for all those wondering...the fish have survived the weekend. Now they are just living on borrowed time. Who knows--watch these live to be 15 years old!!
I have to dedicate this post to the magic of DVR. My excitement for the evening is that the new season of How I Met Your Mother starts tonight, and I am able to watch by recording. How did I ever live without this technology? It is rare now that we watch things when they actually come on. It takes the pressure off--we have a pretty rigorous TV schedule around here!!

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