Saturday, September 26, 2009

O'Neals: 2, Fish: 0

So, whoever had their money on today, please step forward and collect your prize. Sadly, today was Pirate and Slinky's last day with us. They made it a week and one day. I noticed this morning that they were looking a, but after I banged on the tank a few times, they came to and ate a little bit. When I peeked in on them mid-afternoon, they had passed on. Lauren took the news well and helped flush them down the toilet. I told her that she had taken good care of them and this is just common with goldfish.

I also told her that they were now in heaven. Flash forward to the next time she went to the potty & asked, (pointing at the toilet paper) "Is that going to heaven, too?" I had a little more explaining to do on that one.

Pirate and Slinky
Sept. 18 - Sept. 26

This reminds me of a story that one of my friends told me in high school. Apparently, someone had told her that fish have a natural 'anti-freeze' in their bodies (?) and so to test the theory, she popped one in the freezer. When retelling the story, she said of checking on him, "he just kept swimming slower and slower!" I haven't thought of that in years...still makes me laugh!

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