Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Dawgs Up In Here

This past weekend, I attended my first State game in 10 years (yikes!)...and although the Dawgs didn't pull it out in the end, it was a little piece of heaven. Tucker was not excited about the noise. But, in his defense, we walked out into the stands just as MSU scored the first touchdown...AND we were on the jumbotron side. It was loud, and a little overwhelming.

Lauren, however, loved every minute of it!! She did not mind one bit being in the nosebleeds. I think that she felt it was an appropriate distance from both Bullys. (She kept an eye on them the whole time)

Too much excitement for T-Bone...(check out the massive jumbotron!!)

We left at halftime to avoid the crowds and walked to the Bulldog Deli.

The menu had changed some, but they still had the Blitz!! And I totally did get the sweet tea...I wanted to cry it was so good.

Lauren and Tucker both insisted on getting cowbells. Who am I to argue?

That was a great day. Starkville is such a nice place, and has changed so much!! We must get back over there soon.

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The Hookers said...

We haven't been to a game this year :(. We'll have to plan a weekend in the next few years to meet at a state game and do a little tailgating (and bulldog deli eating).Loved catching up on all of your blogs! Good blogging!