Monday, November 19, 2012

Day Late

I don't think I can express in words how very grateful I am for my family. We have bought a home that we knew would need some TLC, the extent of which we only began to discover immediately before closing. Mostly, it was filthy. Multiple panic attacks on my part ensued. Yesterday, I called in the troops (after mom told them I was on the verge of a breakdown). Dad, Bob, and Craig and Alyssa came en force.

Big improvement. Huge.

The laundry floor was cleaned (I feared we would have to replace it), curtains taken down, stove and microwave removed, walls and ceiling dusted. The smell and my demeanor improved through the day.

Today, I went to the house for a quick visit to check on the progress of the carpet (yay!) and saw these in the backyard

It is going to be okay.

Today's good news is that the paint estimates are coming in lower than expected. Whew!

And all of this goodness is offset with sadness for my dear friend Hayley, who lost her mother to cancer last night. My heart is heavy for her today. It isn't fair.

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