Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Customer Service

I have to give an unsolicited shout-out to yoyo.com, who I have had a fabulous experience with over the last 5 days. I got a notice of a great deal in my facebook feed and popped over to check it out. Although I am going to leave the specifics out, lest any north pole spies happen upon this post, let me say this: I got a great deal (cost plus shipping on this item was below sale prices in town) and I got even better service. I received an email within an hour (!) telling me that my item had shipped. That was on Friday. On Monday, I got another email that warned me that shipping times were delayed, and that my order may not get here on 12.4 as planned, it may be 12.5...okay!!
And lo and behold, it still showed up today!! I will so be sending them a thank you email, but I wanted to share a good experience since shopping can be so stressful this time of year!!

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