Monday, December 3, 2012


Yesterday, we stopped in Krispy Kreme for a few minutes before church. It is fancy and new and has a big glass window where you can watch all of the Hot and Now's getting made. We stood for a long time and watched the donuts flip in the fryer and head for their destination under the glaze waterfall. Tucker watched for a while and declared: "I wish I was a donut." And after another thoughtful moment, "I would eat myself."

Indeed. (Cut to Will Ferrell's 'Harry Carey,' "Do you like hot dogs, Norm?" but I digress.)

Today's news: color. After an entire week of prep and trim work, we have color in the bedrooms, hall, FOYER! (It was awful pink), and pool room. It is fabulous. A nice layer of paint-dust covers pretty much everything, but I am ignoring it until the painters are D-U-N done. We learned today that to remain insured, a particular pine tree in the backyard must come down immediately. So, we will get working on that tomorrow (getting quotes, not grabbing an axe).

I drank a few solo cups of champagne last night, and while toasting myself I planned a wonderful Christmas soiree with friends from work on the invite list. Nothing fancy; maybe pizza and beer, or wine and appetizers, and games. I hope that I get enough boxes put away and get enough gumption to make it happen.

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