Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The One Where She Doesn't Say Much of Anything

I know, I know. It's March. Enough with the snow pics already. Mom is hounding me to blog. And friends have expressed concern that my blog posts, or lack thereof, are depressed...depressing?

And that is not far off the mark. I am in a funk. And I hate that word, for the record. But here I am. Not sure what to blog about. Lacking focus. So, rather than fill the void with what we've been up to, and subsequently why I live in a continual state of overwhelmed (spoiler: I do it to myself), I will just pick up with what is going on this week. Don't get too excited, no pictures.

This week is Spring Break. Today is Wednesday and I don't have a completely overwhelming desire to go back to work, so that means it has been a pretty good week. We have made Things to Accomplish lists every day and have done a good job of sticking to them. That has kept the house decent, and as long as I feel like something has been accomplished, I'm good. Unfortunately, we have not had the most ideal spring break weather, so we have stayed inside longer than I would have liked. Schedule and predictablilty are key. Each day, I have been surprised at how quickly the end of the day comes. It's like, Merritt wakes up from her nap and BOOM! its time for supper, baths, bed.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the zoo. I think the weather will be the best it will be all week, so it should be good. Also, I am pretty sure that we will blow Merritt's mind with the animals. That will be fun. Eighteen months is a completely wonderful and exhausting age.

Okay, have to cut it short. It is bedtime. Not mine, but I physically and mentally shut down after the kids are in bed. Good night.

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