Saturday, March 30, 2013

Zoo, then Eggs

Overall, we have had a pretty fabulous Spring Break. Nothing special really, except for the zoo. It wasn't Merritt's first zoo trip, but it was the first where she actually paid attention to what was going on (she was 6 months old at our last annual zoo pilgrimage). She loved the cats in the predator house, the giraffes, and the monkeys.

Dinos at the zoo!

I just deleted a whole rant about the cost of the zoo and the state of the bathrooms. Suffice it to say, it is expensive and they are gross. The End.

Friday was fabulous weather. Wish it had been here all week, but oh well. Lauren and Tucker played at their aunt's house all day while I ran errands. Running errands with an 18-month old is adventurous. And exhausting. In Target, I let her out of the buggy just long enough for her to admire a lovely display of ceramic soccer balls by (of course) bouncing smashing one on the ground. I apologized profusely. They were very gracious about it. I fully own my responsibility and admit fault. (But seriously, a display of ceramic BALLS at toddler level?!) got home just in time to have a round of backyard softball before dinner. It was so great that we repeated after dinner until it began to sprinkle. Played a fun game of Clue after Merritt went to bed. Lauren won!! This morning, I got up and wisely put the eggs on. Lauren slept in, but as soon as she was up, she was ready to go. (Lauren, if you don't already know, is a squeaky wheel. She has a great future as a hostage negotiator. Or a dictator.)

Looks like an old pro!

I am glad the weather held off so that we could dye the eggs outside. It was nice. And over quickly. The event quickly turned into science experiments with the leftover dye, and ended up with everyone needing baths. It was fun. Now to prepare for tomorrow. Nanny and Granddaddy are coming over for mass and dinner. We are serving a not-so-traditional meal of fried chicken, asian slaw, mac-n-cheese, and green beans. And deviled eggs and brown-and-serve. (Because that is the best kind of roll, hands down.)

Oh, and I got my taxes done. Glad that is over. So thankful to have a job where I get a spring break...even if I only get to clean house and get my taxes done.

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