Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I May Already Be a Winner

Today was a good day. I mean it. Mom feigned having business in town and we had lunch together. She also brought this:

Ah-maz-ing homemade turkey noodle stoup. Part stew, part soup, all delicious. We had to hustle out the door to Taekwondo, where I was able to visit with a new friend while L and T worked on their form, and Merritt entertained the other parents with her telephonic skills and general overall cuteness.

I realized for the 457th time that having friends and making connections is essential to life. Having conversations forces me to get outside of my head. I have a tendency to pre-judge people -- not necessarily in a bad way, just in a way that I assume by the way they look that they fit into a certain mold. It never fails to smack me in the face when I actually connect with someone to realize...oh! this person is a real human...and so am I!! (Just because their children are always impeccably dressed doesn't mean they are a snotty bitch.) And also, I am reminded that I spend way too much time and brain power focusing on the things in my life that are not quite perfect. I have a good job, a good husband, three fabulous kids (one of whom has an ear infection and won't go to sleep so she is laying quietly on the couch in her footie pjs watching me type this), food to eat, clothes to wear, and four baby birds living in a nest in my backyard. I think I've got it pretty good. I've read a quote recently -- Comparison is the thief of joy. (Roosevelt, maybe? I'm too lazy to google), and man, does that hit home. That is the straight up truth. For today, I will not compare. Today, I will be pleased with the blessings in my life.

Speaking of being satisfied, look what came in the mail for me today...

This is the letter telling me about the letter that I will get in the next couple of days that MAY contain the winning number!!

(I've already won)

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