Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yesterday was a pretty exciting day at our house. I was hacking on my wisteria bush (it grows into the house) and discovered this...

I actually (and stupidly) stuck my hand in the nest before looking into it, and felt something that was...not an egg. After further inspection, I found the cutestugliest baby bird ever. By the end of the day there were three babies. There is one more egg still waiting to hatch. Momma bird is taking care of the babies and probably getting pissed with the frequency with which I climb the ladder to peek in on them. So cool.
Merritt had a birthday party in the morning and got to play with some of her friends at the pool. The whole family went back to the pool later in the afternoon, and had a good swim before the threat of lightening sent us home. That never really materialized, so we ate supper on the porch, and Merritt played in the backyard pool. These curls are killing me...

I am feeling a trek through Home Depot in the lineup for today. I pulled up some weeds (?) in a backyard bed, and want to get a bush to put there instead. And just see what else I get inspired to do.

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