Monday, July 8, 2013

Official Frogperson Style

(I lied. Here is a picture from today.)

The best children's book ever written: The Bathtub Ocean by Diane Paterson
It was great back in the day, and it still holds up. It is not in print any more, but my mom found a copy online when Lauren was little. I read it to Merritt for the first time tonight. Andy is normally the best Reader of Books in our house (he does voices), but he can't get this one right. Merritt picked it, and when I heard him reading it from the other room, I had to go interrupt. There is a certain inflection that must be hit just so when the mom calls the little boy: "HenRY!"

(I just googled this and found it listed on Amazon for $98. Seriously, mom, I hope you didn't pay anywhere near that --and I know you enough to know you didn't--but I have to say...worth every penny. I'm going to put it on a high shelf.)

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