Monday, July 8, 2013


1. The rain is getting me down. It was nice a few days ago, but c'mon. Enough's enough.
2. The tummy bug is also getting me down. Merritt is on day 8 or 9. Actually took her to the ped this afternoon. Learned what I already knew: it takes a while for small kids to work these things out. Blech.
3. She is currently playing under my desk. That's the great thing about small kids with tummy bugs. Generally, it doesn't get them down.
4. ...And now she is curled up in my lap. Scratch that last one. Merritt is a stage 5 clinger. Normally. Not because of the bug.
5. How did it get to be July?
6. No picture today, and I know I skipped yesterday. I'm blaming the weather.
7. It took me 35 years to be able to make a successful pot of actual (read: non-instant or quick cooking) rice. That was last week. Tonight, I am hoping for number two.
8. I wish I could take a picture of Mimi right now in my lap. She is a cute one.
9. Am all up in the drama in the Big Brother house. This season has gotten off to a bang!
10. I think I hear my rice boiling over...

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nanny bee said...

Concerning #7...who does #2 work for?