Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rainy Day Women Part 2

Had a fabolus nap this afternoon. Laid down on my new grown-up couch while Merritt was napping--I was sure that she would be up any minute. An hour plus later, Tucker was waking me up. It was divine. Great napping weather.
Tucker had taekwondo this morning. He did not get to test for his blue stripe, and man was he ready. He has been practicing his form for days. Lauren has as well, but she is majorly under the weather today. What started as stomach upset has turned into a sore throat and fever. She has spent the majority of today in the bed. Which is highly unusual. Very quiet around here. If she is still fevery tomorrow, I will go get her tested for strep.
Andy's out getting pizza and a movie (Identity Thief) so we will have a good couch night. Good Saturday overall.

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